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The Team

We are individuals and dreamers who have charted our path in quest of our own Self and thus are uniquely positioned to assist others in the learning and healing journey. With our cross-cultural experience, we appreciate the diversity of lived human experience. 

At different points, we started our journey to train as psychotherapists and helping professionals. We offer psychotherapypsychoanalysispersonal growth events, and bespoke organisational development & human resources consulting. We also focus on therapist education and community knowledge outreach

As part of our continuous education, we are engaged in study of Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology), analytical depth psychology (Jungian psychology), and Somatic Experiencing (a body-centred approach to healing trauma). Additionally, we both have an extensive background in Human Resources and Organisational Development. 

We believe that the potential for wholeness is dormant in a crisis. We facilitate exploration of inner resources through safe presence, non-judgmental curiosity and deep faith in the healing power of transcendence.

We believe that each life challenge is an opportunity to get closer to ourselves and, when understood with conscious inner work, this becomes an inspiration to the world around us.

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