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"The only journey is the one within."

-Rainer Maria Rilke


Bespoke Business Consulting

We help organisations strive towards a culture that fosters a climate of learning and excellence. Our work aims to facilitate expression of an individual’s innate potential at work by enhancing the inner capacities for resilience, empathy and self-growth. Our approach and trainings, along with personal lived experience of the business world help us relate to the ground realities.

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Transformation consulting and organisational development

Organisational change processes require extended involvement of both in-house change facilitators and external change consultants. We believe that the solutions unique to the organisation needs facilitation by external consultants and nurturing by internal leadership. 

In tandem with the organisation, our work follows a project life cycle and starts with a dipstick diagnosis. From there we move to intervention design which then leads to eventual embedment. Depending on the context, we culminate our work with capacity building within the organisation.

Specific interventions vary depending on context and can range from individual coaching to team facilitation to large scale tiered learning and development frameworks with action planning projects.

Bespoke leadership development

We believe that the challenges of each organisation are unique given the specific business environment in which they operate. Our focus is therefore on customised leadership development for both individual leaders and teams.

Employee wellness and mental health

We strive to raise awareness about mental health at work and make workplace involving, engaging and inspiring. Our extensive referral network facilitates extended partnerships on employee wellness and mental health. Towards this end, we are happy to partner with organisations for Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s).

Coaching and Facilitation (individuals, teams, conflict, learning interventions)

Our past business experience informs us that organisations require ongoing support for training, coaching and facilitation. Our neutral third-party perspective, grounded in principles of psychology and business realities permits us to anchor coaching and facilitate learning and conflict resolution.

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