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"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble there lies your treasure."

- Joseph Campbell


Psychotherapy Practice

The Sanskrit word Sādhanā reminds us to see our work as a discipline in service of a larger cause: the well-being of our clients. Towards this end, we focus on not just the end outcome, which is important, but also the manner and means of our efforts.

Our psychotherapy practice is centred around understanding not only the immediate issue you may be confronted with, but also the essence underlying it. 

A typical therapy session lasts 50 minutes and is conducted either in-person or online, as appropriate to the circumstances and the nature of issue concerned. 

Our work is in harmony with diversity of gender and sexual identity, body positive and confidential. 

We undertake supervision for our work, to ensure best-in-class therapy is experienced by our clients. 

Note that psychotherapy does not substitute informed medical care but instead complements it.

Listening to our own inner voice behind our challenges we face requires time, and patience. It is a Sādhanā that requires involvement from both the client the therapist. As we accompany you on your journey of healing, we will expect you to do your work.

Please read our session guidelines and psychotherapy agreement to understand further the nature of involvement.

We work with

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  • anxiety, stress, depression

  • body symptoms, illness

  • addictive tendencies

  • dreams, nightmares

  • crisis, loss, grief, bereavement

  • self-esteem and self-sabotage

  • dealing with abuse

  • trauma and post traumatic stress

  • lifestyle and body image issues

  • coping with life and work challenges

  • psychological wellness


  • distress and conflicts (personal, couples’, workplace)

  • managing conflicting demands

  • parenting millennials


  • life events (birth, death, marriage, separation etc.)

  • cross-cultural

  • career & workplace

Through our work, we help people find inner clarity and life purpose to navigate their current challenges in the overall context of their life myth.

We work with adults, per definition of the country.

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