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I am passionate about healing, wellness and learning. I believe that the key to wholeness and successful navigation of life’s challenges lies in inner transformation. With dedication and devotion, discernment anchors us from within, with the invisible hand of grace.

I have the fortune and privilege to hold a diversified background. I have lived in the north, east and west of India as also in Switzerland and the UK. I am fluent in English and Hindi (native) and my interest in languages led me to learn basic French, Italian and Sanskrit. All of this enables me to work at the sangam (confluence) of multiple traditions and contexts. 

My Practice

Focal areas of work: I work with individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem and support transition through trauma, grief, loss, life challenges and crises, body symptoms, illness, relationship conflict, and overall mental health wellness. In addition, I facilitate anchoring during life transitions, life purpose, personal myth, dreams and nightmares.

Approach(es): My work is grounded in depth analytical (Jungian) psychology, Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology), Deep Democracy, and Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution). In addition, I draw upon my learnings in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ericksonian), laboratory (T-group) methods, humanistic applied behavioural sciences, adult and experiential learning principles, and traditions of Advāita Vedānta and Yoga.


With my professional accreditations and personal knowledge through my own inner work, I guide and support individuals on a personal growth, healing and transformation journey. I facilitate exploration of ones’ inner resources to examine the potential dormant in crises and have deep faith in the healing process. 

I work primarily in English and Hindi, with a limited possibility of Gujarati, Italian and French. Session specifics are available on our site.

Professional Overview

I studied life sciences in college and did my majors in Zoology with a minor in Botany and Chemistry. Subsequently, with a post-graduation in business management and a specialisation in Human Resources, I engaged as an Organisational Development and Human Resources professional with a leading business group for over a decade. Curious about human motivation, I took to a serious study of psychology and behavioural sciences. 

My dreams led me to Zürich to study depth analytical psychology of Dr Carl Gustav Jung. I have continued to pursue studies in Jungian psychology along with Processwork, founded by Dr Arnold Mindell. Concurrently, I am training in Somatic Experiencing, a body centred trauma resolution modality developed by Dr Peter Levine.  To learn more about my own roots, I have immersed myself in Yoga and Advāita Vedānta.

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