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I believe that to live in harmony with nature, we need to build a healthy relationship with our own inner Self. With this understanding, we receive the world around us. My belief comes from my personal self-exploration, self enquiry and conscious healing journey.

I am an avid traveller and over the last 10 years of conscious explorations, my interest in the culture of the land, ancestors, language, and the pulse of the people has brought me closer to my own origin and identity. I have sought guidance and inspiration from the knowledge of “psyche” that has been presented to the world through psychologists, philosophers, artists and storytellers.

My Practice

Focal areas of work: I am a trained psychotherapist and I work with individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem and support transition through trauma, grief, loss, life challenges and crises, body symptoms, illness, and relationship conflict. I work with women’s health and related lifestyle issues along with relationship and body image issues. 

Approach(es): My work is grounded in Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology), Deep Democracy, and Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution). In addition, I draw upon my learnings in humanistic applied behavioural sciences, Jungian psychology, and women’s issues.


Through my own inner journeying and relevant trainings, I support clients in their journey of personal growth and inner well-being. I focus on uncovering patterns to explore deeper meaning to life’s circumstances and in supporting clients to access their inner resources. 

I work primarily in English and Hindi with support in elementary Tamil and Marathi. Session specifics are available on our site.

Professional Overview

I am a past student of vocational sciences, electronics. My interest in Industrial Psychology during this period led me to complete my post graduation in Business Management, with specialisation in Human Resources. For over a decade, I focused on HR systems and organisation development for a leading Indian organisation. My interest in social development led me to undertake impactful work with people in the hinterland of my own country. In addition, as an ethics counselor and support for women employees, I have explored various facets of being human.

My curiosity about human behaviour lead me to the field of psychology. I am currently studying Process Oriented Psychology, daughter of Jungian psychology, developed by Dr Arnold Mindell. Concurrently, I train in Somatic Experiencing, a body centred trauma resolution modality developed by Dr Peter Levine. I am inspired by Advāita Vedānta, and the works of Dr Carl Gustav Jung.

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