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Therapy Session

Therapist Self Care

As therapists, mental health and healing professionals, "self-care" is unfortunately not at the forefront - even though it is crucial for both the therapist and the process of therapy.

In this learning circle for helping professionals, we examine the subject of "Boundaries for a therapist: self-care in therapeutic relationships". This learning circle will be interactive and experiential with the invited guest speaker - a space to bring your concerns, questions and deepen peer learning. 

  • Defining 'boundaries' in a therapeutic space. 

  • The ethics of boundaries. 

  • Socialisation: impact on boundaries basis culture, gender, and nationality.

  • To Cross or Not to Cross: the slippery slope dilemma.

  • Concern with rigid boundaries.

  • Therapeutic contract with clients. 

We welcome the community of therapists, mental health practitioners to join in and make this an enriched learning space.


Alan Richardson is the faculty and facilitator for this session. Alan is a psychologist, processworker and educator with decades of extensive experience in this field. He is based in Brisbane, Australia and runs his own Centre for Psychotherapy, Couples’ Counselling and Research. He is involved in work on counselling efficacy, grief, loss, and trauma, and the impact on relationships.

Program Details

Administrative Details

  • Saturday - July 03, 2021

  • Time IST - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Online

  • Secure session

  • Maximum participation: 40

  • Language: English

Gifting this session

A healthy community is one in which we support each other. 

Learning a new perspective along with someone who shares a similar interest is very fulfilling. If you feel like gifting this session, please connect with us. 

Program Fees

  • India - INR 2,000 

  • USD - $40

Note: This is intended to be a no-profit session; the fees cover a token of appreciation for the guest speaker and expenses on administrative arrangements.


Disclaimer: These sessions do not substitute regular therapy and informed medical care. By engaging with us and attending these sessions, you automatically provide us with your informed consent and are bound by the principles and tenets of therapy agreement and session guidelines, as detailed on our website.

Informed Consent: You participate on your own accord in the spirit of learning, and take responsibility for your well-being. You declare that you are currently not under medicated psychiatric care. You submit that you are a legal adult in the country of your residency. You understand that your identity will be known to other participants over online medium. You consent to not recording the session in any audio-video-electronic format, though you may take notes for your personal learning. You understand that the recordings will not be shared with you - they are only for the facilitators. You agree to abide by norms of confidentiality and respect it for yourself and other participants.

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