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Maitreyi in Sanskrit means ‘the friendly one’. This is also our search in both the outer and inner worlds — a relationship to communicate, validate and navigate the different phases and stages of life. In the Indic Vedic tradition, Maitreyi was the Indian philosopher who engaged in dialogues on self-knowledge.

The dialogues we exchange give life to the process of communication. In addition to outer ones, deeper understanding of ourselves requires us to have conscious inner dialogue with the various parts of ourselves. 

This focussed workshop is for women to examine deeply their own inner world of words / attitudes / and belief systems. In a circle of women, we will explore and build an inner relationship within that can support our journey. In the process of building our capacity for inner dialogue, we will explore aspects of our socialisation, inter-generational attitudes and belief systems. 

Workshop Outcomes

  • What is an inner dialogue and how to distinguish it from (as also relate to) external ones? 

  • How maladaptive inner dialogues hinder psychological wellness.

  • Explore the diversity of voices within and move from monologue to dialogue in the inner world.

  • Embodied understanding of words and how they imprint us.

  • Examine the quality of external personal relationship through inner dialogues.

  • Developing healthy personal boundaries.

Who should attend

  • Basic criteria: women over age of 18.

  • If you end up feeling drained or confused with the multiple voices and the words i am over thinking comes to you easily.

  • If you are exploring and experimenting with the diversity of your unique self-expression. 

  • If you have trouble with navigating personal and social boundaries.


The workshop is anchored by Divya Sankaran, who invites women to explore their inner wholeness through conscious embodied inner dialogues.

Program Details

Administrative Details

  • 06 Sundays, starts 06 June & ends 11 July, 2021

  • daylight saving time changes (outside India) during the course of the workshop, might require a change of time and will be discussed with participants

  • online, secure sessions

  • max. cohort: 6

  • language: English

Program Fees*

Respecting the diversity of geography of residency & relative economies, you pay: 

  • India & South Asia:  

    • INR 12,000

  • Global North

    • USD 320 

  • Global South

    • USD 240

Gifting this workshop

Gifting a healing space goes a long way in building a healthy community. 

Often, our loved ones are not conscious of needing support. If you feel that they may benefit from this workshop, and you would like to gift them, then please connect with us.

Your residency/work determines the fees payable. If your personal financial situation (irrespective of geography) comes in the way of attending, please connect with us to discuss alternatives. Likewise for residents of distressed economies. Limited scholarships available.

Refunds: Nil, upon commencement. 50%, a week before the start. 90%, if substitute is accepted and payment is complete prior to course commencement. Processing time: approx. 15 days. No refunds for sessions missed.


Disclaimer: These sessions do not substitute regular therapy and informed medical care. By engaging with us and attending these sessions, you automatically provide us with your informed consent and are bound by the principles and tenets of therapy agreement and session guidelines, as detailed on our website.

Informed Consent: You participate on your own accord in the spirit of learning, and take responsibility for your well-being. You declare that you are currently not under medicated psychiatric care. You submit that you are a legal adult in the country of your residency. You understand that your identity will be known to other participants over online medium. You consent to not recording the session in any audio-video-electronic format, though you may take notes for your personal learning. You understand that the recordings will not be shared with you - they are only for the facilitators. You agree to abide by norms of confidentiality and respect it for yourself and other participants.

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